Distilling Starter Kits

Make your own affordable spirits safely at home by using home brew and distilling  supplies and advice from The Brew Shed.

All inclusive distilling starter kits by Still Spirits, Pure Distilling, Fuselex and more.

We stock all brands and our staff are brewers themselves. We can answer any of your questions and guide your through the process.

30 years of home brewing industry experience

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Pure Distilling Spirit Maker


Still Spirits Turbo 500 Distilling Kit COPPER CONDENSER plus 6 Terry O’Brien’s Essences


Still Spirits Turbo 500 Complete Distillery PLUS 6 Terry OBrien’s Flavours


Turbo 500 Still Kit + Fusselex Filter + 6 Terry O’Brien’s Essences


Fermenter 60L Complete with Airlock Tap and Grommet


Fuselex Express Reflux Still


STILL SPIRITS Air Still Mini Distillery + Free Terry O’Brien’s Samples


Still Spirits Turbo 500 Still + 6 Terry OBrien’s Flavours


Air Still Companion Pack


Air Still