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Still Spirits Whisky Craft Kit

Still Spirits Whisky Craft Kit

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A selection of Profile Range flavourings and adjuncts to build home brewed whiskey style beverages. This kit provides a recipe booklet and all the tools needed to formulate your own favourite whisky tastes, or experiment to create a genuinely unique taste whiskey blend.


Oak Cask Flavouring, Sweet Vanillin Flavouring, Peat Smoke Flavouring, Astringent Notes Flavouring, Fruity Esters Flavouring, Cereal Notes Flavouring, Carob Notes Flavouring, Cedar Oak Flavouring, Whiskey Profile A Flavouring, Whiskey Profile B Flavouring, Whiskey Profile C Flavouring, Whiskey Profile D Flavouring, Distiller’s Caramel Adjunct, Glycerine Adjunct x 2, Pipette, Syringe, Syringe Extension Tube and Recipe Booklet

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