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Top Shelf Port Ruby

Top Shelf Port Ruby

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Experience the allure of a velvety ruby-style port, exuding both elegance and a rich, full-bodied character complemented by profound berry undertones. Revel in its finest expression when served at an ideal temperature range of 12-16°C

Instructions Ensure a thorough shake of the bottle before use. Begin by dissolving a packet of the Still Spirits Liqueur Base B into a 750ml bottle of red wine, preferably Merlot. Next, introduce Still Spirits Ruby Post Essence alongside 770ml of a premium 40% ABV neutral spirit or the finest vodka. Gradually fill to a volume of 2.25 liters with pure water. Should you prefer a hint of sweetness, custom-tailor your blend with sugar to your liking. This delightful concoction yields three 750ml bottles, perfect for sharing and savouring.


Ingredients  Stabiliser (E422), colour (E150d) (sulphites), water, natural flavouring, colour (E122).

Allergens included: Sulphites.

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