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Top Shelf Red Sambuca

Top Shelf Red Sambuca

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This captivating liqueur known for its striking visual appeal and flavor, is a distinguished member of the Sambuca spirits family recognized for their licorice-like taste. Its defining feature lies in its deep red hue. The scent is a delightful blend of sweet and herbal notes, often accompanied by a prominent anise aroma that imparts a unique character. Its flavor profile combines sweetness, a subtle anise spiciness, and subtle botanical undertones. This liqueur is commonly savored as a post-meal digestif or used to add a distinctive twist to cocktails. Balancing a touch of sweetness with the anise essence, Red Sambuca offers versatility as a sippable neat drink, an ice-enhanced refreshment, or a vital ingredient in cocktails. Its vibrant color and bold flavor contribute to its appeal as a captivating addition to any liquor collection or bar arrangement.

Makes 1125 ml

For best results use with Still Spirits Liqueur Base A as per the instructions

Ingredients / Allergens Water, flavourings, colour (E122).

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