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Top Shelf Pina Colada

Top Shelf Pina Colada

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This delicious creamy rum, coconut andd pineapple liqueur is perfect for summer cocktails The cocktail is usually served over ice and garnished with a piece of pineapple and a maraschino cherry. 

Makes 1125 ml

Mixing Guide for Still Spirits Cream Liqueur: Ensure optimal results by shaking the mixture before use. Begin by combining 400 g of Still Spirits Cream Liqueur Base with 220 ml of hot water, ensuring a thorough blend. Add contents of bottle to the mix, followed by 500 ml of 40% ABV neutral spirit or vodka. Conclude by topping up the mixture to a total volume of 1.125 L using water. Enjoyin your favourite summer cocktail

Ingredients / Allergens Water, stabiliser (E422), flavourings, colour (E102).

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