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Still Spirits Copper Parrot Head - Large

Still Spirits Copper Parrot Head - Large

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The Large Copper Parrot Head is a great tool for any home distillation kit It provides the convenience of continuous, real-time, in-line ABV measurement of the spirit as it comes out of the still.

Ideal for use with the T500 Reflux and Alembic Distillery Systems, and other large stills.  KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS:  

  • High-quality copper construction.
  • Check your alcohol percentage during distillation without interruption.
  • Compatible with the T500 Reflux and Alembic Condensers and other large stills.
  • Moulded base allows the Parrot Head to sit on a bench top or table.
  • Simple set up:
A: Collect the distillate as it drips from the condenser into the Parrot Head collection cone B: Connect the Parrot Head collection pipe to the distillate out tube on the condenser.
  • No need to stop distillation or move spirit to a separate collection vessel.
Fits alcometers less than 23mm in diameter.*   *Alcometer not included. NOTE: This unit will read no greater than 252mm from the base of your alcometer.
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