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NBC Neipa Fresh Wort

NBC Neipa Fresh Wort

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Neighbourhood Brewing Co - In Store Only

Juicy, Fruit, Hazy

IBU: 10 EBC: 9.1

OG: 1.070

Volume 15 Litres | Makes 20 Litres

A beer style with an intense, tropical fruit aroma and flavour. A grain bill including rolled oats provides a full body and smooth flavour. We have used Centennial and Mosaic hops in the boil to provide a light bitterness.

This beer should be aggressively dry hopped or even double dry hopped during fermentation. It is important to use a yeast that will assist the hazy characteristic. If you like tropical juice style beer with haze you will like this, perfect for summer but can be consumed all year round.

Fruity and Juicy!

if you want to pimp it up you can add

Brewing Instructions

Pour fresh wort from the bladder into a clean and sanitised fermenter.

Add 5 litres of room temperature water to bring volume to 20 litres.

Aerate, pitch Ale yeast and yeast nutrient

Dry hop with 50g Citra and 100g Galaxy on day 7 if you wish

Once fermentation is complete, bottle condition or keg.

Ingredients : Water, Barley, Oats, Hops

 Contains: Gluten


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