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NBC Hazy Pale Ale Fresh Wort

NBC Hazy Pale Ale Fresh Wort

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Neighbourhood Brewing Co - In Store Only

Smooth, tropical, cloudy

IBU: 10 EBC: 7.7

OG: 1.060

Volume 15 Litres | Makes 20 Litres

Hazy or cloudy in appearance, light in colour with intense tropical fruit aroma and flavour. A smooth and creamy mouth feel with low to moderate bitterness. Both Citra and Ekuanot hops have been used heavy handedly. Use a dry hop if you wish to increase the flavours including hints of mango, citrus and tropical notes.

The younger sibling of our NEIPA, this is a more sessionable style beer.  If you like tropical flavours and haze you will like this beer.

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To pimp it up some more you can add citra or galaxy hops 


Pour fresh wort from the bladder into a clean and sanitised fermenter.

Add 5 litres of water to bring volume to 20 litres.

Aerate, pitch yeast 

Dry hop with 50g Citra and 50g Galaxy hops on day 7 if you wish

Once fermentation is complete, bottle condition or keg.

Ingredients: Water, Barley, Oats, Hops

 Contains: Gluten

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