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Edwards Premix Black Sambuca

Edwards Premix Black Sambuca

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This classic blue liqueur is expertly crafted to capture the bold and delightful flavours of sweet anise and intense liquorice. It serves as the perfect choice for an after-dinner indulgence or a versatile cocktail mixer.

With just one 300 ml bottle, you can easily make two 700 ml bottles. No messing about with messy sugar To experience the full depth of its flavor, simply mix it with your preferred distilled neutral spirit or 40% vodka.

For an intriguing twist, consider trying the wickedly wonderful Black Widow cocktail. Mix equal parts citrus vodka and black sambuca, shake with ice, and strain into a martini glass. It's a cocktail adventure that truly showcases the essence of Sambuca in a delightful way.

Proudly Australian Made

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