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Edwards Khaloola

Edwards Khaloola

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A distinct Liqueur Flavouring featuring the essence of the finest roasted South American coffee beans, offering a rich and inviting experience. For an extra treat, try it with cream! Makes 1.4 litres per bottles. It also comes in a premix.

Whipping up your own Khaloola is a breeze:

  1. Start with 900 ml of vodka or any alcohol base at 38% strength.
  2. Add 50 ml of Edwards Essences.
  3. Sprinkle in 450 grams of white sugar.
  4. Pour in 150 ml of water.
  5. Give it a good shake!
  6. You'll have a generous 1.4-liter batch ready to enjoy.

Always remember to follow the instructions for the best results and to relish the rich and warm flavors of Edwards Essences Khaloola.

If you're a fan of Kahlua™, Edwards Essences Khaloola is a must-try for you! 

Australian made

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