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Edwards Iceberg Rum

Edwards Iceberg Rum

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A true-blue Australian classic with its unmistakable burnt molasses flavour. This rum is a perfect match for cola or ginger beer, offering a refreshing and distinctly Australian Rum experience. One bottle makes 3.5 litres in total

Mixing up your own Iceberg Rum is as easy as can be:

  1. Start with 700 ml of vodka or any alcohol base at 38% strength.
  2. Add 10 ml (that's 2 caps) of Edwards Essences.
  3. Give it a good shake!
  4. You'll have a flavorful 710 ml batch ready to enjoy.

Remember, always follow the instructions for the best results and to relish the unique taste of Iceberg Rum.

If you're a fan of Bundaberg Red Label Rum™, Edwards Essences Iceberg Rum is a must-try for you! Cheers, mate!

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