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Edwards Colonial Club Whisky

Edwards Colonial Club Whisky

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Rye Whisky, where the flavors of rye, rye malt, barley malt, and corn come together to create a uniquely smooth and delicious whisky experience. It's a versatile choice for any occasion, whether you prefer it with your favourite mixer or straight over ice. 

One bottle makes 3.5 litres in total

Mixing up your own Colonial Club Rye Whisky is simple:

  1. Start with 700 ml of vodka or any alcohol base at 38% strength.
  2. Add 10 ml (that's 2 caps) of Edwards Essences.
  3. Shake it up really well!
  4. You'll have a satisfying 710 ml batch ready to enjoy.

Remember, always follow the instructions for the best results and to savor the smoothness.

If you're a fan of Canadian Club™, Edwards Essences Colonial Club Rye Whisky is a must-try for you!

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