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Corker Deluxe Twin Lever

Corker Deluxe Twin Lever

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The Deluxe Twin Lever model is for corking your own wine bottles.

This corker is adjustable so it can be used with different corks.

This is the best corker available with a lever before having to move on to the Floor Stand Corker model.

Simply place the cork in the centre of the corker and pull the two handles down to insert the cork into the bottle.

Corks are intended for use with proper cork bottles, you can usually fit a cork into a screw top bottle but note their neck is narrower so it is more difficult.

Make sure you dont overfill the bottle with wine, allow (approx) 20mm gap between the top of the wine and the bottom of the cork.

Experiment with different cork types until you find the best fit for your bottles.

NB: All corkers will usually leave a small indentation on the top of the cork. A shrinkwrap will cover this and protect the wine further if this bothers you.

Corks still require soaking to soften but this corker does make the job easier if doing a lot of bottles compared to a Basic handcorker.


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