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Classic Crafters Cut Bourbon

Classic Crafters Cut Bourbon

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Indulge in the velvety, sweet, and spicy notes of this Makers Mark Style Spirit Flavouring, featuring honey aromas and a delightful, lingering warmth. Perfect for enhancing a neutral spirit or vodka, crafting a premium top-shelf taste experience that's second to none. Each package includes two sachets, enough to infuse flavor into two 1.125 L bottles. Crafted and packaged with care in the UK.

Mixing Instructions: simply pour the contents of one sachet into 1.125 L of 40% ABV neutral spirit or vodka. Ensure you rinse any remaining flavoring from the sachet with a portion of the alcohol.

Ingredients / Allergens: Our ingredients include flavorings (barley, milk), colors (caramel (E150a, E150b)), humectant (E422), and natural flavorings. Please be aware that this product contains allergens: barley and milk.

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