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Brick Road Cascade APA With Dry Hops

Brick Road Cascade APA With Dry Hops

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This pale amber American Pale Ale brings you a rich malty flavour from the amber and ale malts, and a citrus, grapefruit,finish from the Cascade hops.

 This Craft Beer Kit comes complete with American Ale Yeast and Cascade dry hop pellets.

For an APA, we recommend you add 1.5kg of Light malt extract or 1kg of Dextrose

To add more piney, earthy hop aromas, dry hop up to 200g of other American ‘C’ hops like Cascade, Centennial, or Colombus. Or for more tropical or stonefruit characters, add Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin or Motueka hops.

Follow Brick Road and you will soon be brewing fresh beer that tastes better than commercial beer. This can contains the foundations of great beer for you to brew at home, simply and easily.

You can also build your own unique recipes brick-by-brick. Brick Road searched the world to find the best maltster to create this exceptional hopped wort.

Only the finest grains are selected and malted. Malts are blended to suit the beer style, then mashed with hop extracts to create hopped wort.

The fresh wort is gently reduced to 80 Brix before being canned fresh on-site to retain its original delicious malt flavours.

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