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Beginner Gin Creation Bundle

Beginner Gin Creation Bundle

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Create your own distinct blend of Gin with the Air Still Pro Beginner Gin Creation Kit.

Have fun blending your own botanical and tailoring your artisan gin exactly to your own tastes.

The Air Still Pro is simple to  use and compact, so no matter what size area you have it will fit neatly into your cupboard when not in use.

Everything needed is included in this kit, nothing else to buy.

What's Included

  • Air Still Pro - Read more about it HERE
  • Air Still Pro Essentials Kit - See what's in it HERE
  • Gin Botanicals Craft Kit
  • 3 x Air Still Fermentation Kits (for future batches)
  • 1 x Air Still Carbon Cartridge Pack (for future batches)
  • 2 x Beautiful Gin Bottles with stoppers, to show off your creations.
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