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Morgans Hop Pellets - Azacca 50gm

Morgans Hop Pellets - Azacca 50gm

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Azacca hops generally have an alpha acid content ranging from around 14% to 16%. This places them in the higher alpha acid range, making them suitable for imparting both bitterness and aroma to beer. Azacca hops are known for their intense and complex aroma and flavor profile. They typically impart strong notes of tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple, and citrus, making them a favorite for brewers looking to create fruity and juicy beer profiles.  Azacca are particularly well-suited for hoppy beer styles like IPAs and pale ales. They can be used in various stages of the brewing process, including early boil additions for bitterness and late additions or dry hopping for their fruity aroma.

The Morgans 50g Hop Pellets are packaged loose

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