Easy Feta Recipe - make at home

Whip Up Your Own Feta Feast: A Simple and Fun DIY Recipe

Blessed are the cheesemakers! 🧀 Ready to dive into the cheesy world of homemade feta? With just a few ingredients, a bit of patience, and a sprinkle of fun, you can whip up a batch of this tasty delight.

Let's get started!


  • 2L Non-homogenised milk (available at Woolies, Coles and IGA's)
  • 2ml Calcium chloride (ever wondered what this is?)
  • ¼ of a sachet of mesophilic culture (get it separately from the kit here )
  • ½ a tablet of rennet for every 2-3L of milk
  • Salt
  • Everything except the milk is availble in a kit here


  1. Choose Your Batch Size: You can go for a 2L, 4L, or 6L batch. Personally, I go big with 6L because, let's be honest, if I'm making cheese, I want lots of it!

  2. Heat Things Up: Pour that non-homogenised milk into the pot. Add 1ml of calcium chloride for every 1L of milk. Slowly heat it to a cozy 32 degrees, stirring regularly to keep it smooth.

  3. Culture Time: Once it hits 32 degrees, take it off the heat and add ¼ of a sachet of mesophilic culture for every 2L of milk. Let it rehydrate for a few minutes before giving it a good stir.

  4. Rennet Magic: Mix rennet with a bit of water, then add ½ a tablet of rennet for every 2-3L of milk. Stir well and let the curd set for about 1 ½ hours.

  5. Curd Check: Test the curd with a curd knife – you want a clean break. Cut the curd to your feta style; smaller cuts mean firmer feta. I go for about 1 cm for that perfect firmness.

  6. Drain and Flip: After cutting, let it sit for 5 minutes, then gently stir and heat to 38 degrees. Spoon it into feta moulds or a colander lined with cheesecloth. Let it drain, flip, and repeat.

  7. The Waiting Game: Leave it overnight, then slice, salt, and refrigerate. If the weather's cool, you can let it chill on the bench for a day or two for that extra flavor kick.

  8. Flipping and Salting: Keep flipping and lightly salting for a couple of days until it reaches your desired texture. Don't forget to drain off the excess liquid.

  9. Get Creative: Finally, slice and marinate or let it soak in brine. Not salty enough? Add more. Too salty? Give it a milk soak overnight.

There you have it, your own batch of homemade feta! Enjoy the cheesy goodness and have a blast experimenting with flavors. If you want more Australian Cheese Making Recipes, have a look at this book

Make your own feta at home, with our easy homemade feta cheese recipe. Share your pics on social media using #TheBrewShed hashtag, and join our Facebook Group to join the discussion. CLICK HERE 
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