Distillation devices for all your distilling needs, Still Spirits, Essencia, Pure Distilling, Fusselex and more. The Brew Shed stocks all your equipment nd ingredients to successfully brew, distill, filter and make any spirit flavour you wish.

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Alembic Copper Dome


Boil Enhancers


Botanical Basket


Copper Saddles for Turbo 500


Distillers Enzyme Glucoamylase


Distillers Enzyme High Temperature Alpha-amylase


Distillers Nutrient Dark Spirits 


Distillers Nutrient Light Spirits 


Distillers Yeast Gin


Distillers Yeast Rum


Distillers Yeast Vodka


Distillers Yeast Whiskey


From Harvest to Moonshine


Gin Botanicals Mint Leaf


Gin Botanicals Rosemary


Pure Distilling Bourbon Barrel Chunks


Pure Distilling Carbon Filter Cartridge


Pure Distilling Crystal Clear


Pure Distilling Premium Spirits Yeast


Pure Distilling Spirit Maker


Still Spirits Pure Yeast Turbo Pack

Still Spirits Turbo 500 COPPER Condenser


Still Spirits Turbo 500 Distilling Kit COPPER CONDENSER plus 6 Terry O’Brien’s Essences


Alcotec Vodkastar Turbo Yeast