We stock all home brewing supplies and equipment required in brewing, bottling and fermenting including seals, corks and utensils

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please let us know. We will source it for you.

We have the buying power of four stores and over 30 years experience in the home brewing industry

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The Big Mug Grey


The Big Mug – Black


uPint – Black Chrome Finish


Boil Enhancers


Bottle Tree


Copper Saddles for Turbo 500


Fermenter 30L With Airlock Tap and Grommet


Lids for PET Beer Bottles


Mangrove Jack Carbonation Line Cleaning and Counter Filler Cap


Regulator Mini


Sodastream Adaptor


uKeg 128 Black Chrome


uKeg 128 Copper


uKeg 128 Stainless


uKeg Maintenance and Cleaning Kit


uPint – Stainless Finish


uPint Copper Finish


Fermenter 60L Complete with Airlock Tap and Grommet


Botanical Basket and Kit


Iodophor Steriliser


Gin Botanicals London Dry


1125 ml Bottle – PET – Foodsafe


Soaker Jar 3L Silicone Seal


Soaker Jar 5L Silicone Seal