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The Importance of Proper Filtration for Home Distilled Spirits

Welcome, fellow Australian home distillers!

If you've been diligently crafting your own spirits, you're likely aware of the joy that comes with perfecting your distillation process. However, there's one crucial step that some may overlook – filtration.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the significance of filtering your home-distilled neutral spirit and explore the methods to ensure you're not just making alcohol, but crafting a quality beverage that's as pure as possible.

Why Filtration Matters: Some may argue, "I don't filter, and I'm fine." However, the truth is, proper filtration is more than just a finishing touch; it's a key element in ensuring the health and quality of your spirits. By neglecting or inadequately filtering your alcohol, you may unwittingly expose yourself to impurities that can have long-term health consequences. As the saying goes, "health is wealth," so let's prioritize our well-being by taking the necessary steps to filter our home-distilled spirits effectively. Filtering of your distilled spirit also creates a smoother tasting product with low odour. If your alcohol smells like rocket fuel, you have a problem. Explore our range of Distilling Filters to find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you're a seasoned distiller or just starting your home distilling journey, investing in a quality filter is a step towards ensuring you get a great result every time.

sample of types of spirit filters available for home distilling

The Filtering Process: When it comes to filtering your diluted spirit, the options are varied, but not all methods are created equal. If you're using nothing or homemade charcoal, or neglecting to dilute your spirit before filtering, it's time to reconsider your approach.

Dilution: Before diving into filtration methods, it's crucial to dilute your distilled spirit with water, to an appropriate strength. This not only aids in the filtration process but also ensures that impurities are effectively captured, leaving you with a cleaner, smoother end product. Use an alcometer to know the strength of your DIY Sprit

glass alcometer for measuring the strenth of home distilled alcohol in Australia

Activated Carbon Filtration: Activated carbon is a popular choice for filtration due to its exceptional adsorption properties. It effectively captures unwanted compounds and impurities, leaving your spirit with a purer tasteand smell. Home made charcoal from a fire is not the same as acivated carbon, don't be fooled by the home brewing forum chats.

1. Filter Pro – Your Ultimate Filtration Solution: If you're contemplating an upgrade or need a reliable filtration system for the first time, look no further than the Filter Pro. This stainless steel column filter allows a slow drip filtration which gives great results. with a huge resovoir , it can take 8 litres of diluted neutral spirit. Check out a how-to video HERE which walks you through the features and benefits of this top-notch filtration device, designed to make your home-distilled spirits the best they can be. Have a look at them on our website HERE

stainless stell column filter for filtering home distillied sprit in australia

2. Fuselex Filter: Like the Filter Pro, this is a stainlees steel column filter which gives slow drip filtration of your home-distilled spirit. It does an amazing job and is also wall mounted. However it does hold only 3 litres at a time. Check them out HERE

3. Easy Filter: The Easy Filter, formerly known as th EZ Filter, is a good entry level filter for home distillers who are new to the hobby and on a budget. It can be bought in a Turbo 500 stil kit, or on t's own. It will hold 10 litres of diluted spirit and gravity feed into the lower chamber, so it's easy to use.

plastic gravity fed alcohol filter for filtering home distilled alcohol

In the world of home distilling, it's not just about making alcohol – it's about crafting a premium, pure beverage that can be enjoyed and shared with friends. Don't compromise on the health of your spirits or yourself. Upgrade your filtration process today, and let your home-distilled creations shine with the quality they deserve. Visit our website to explore the Filter Pro and our range of Distilling Filters – because health truly is wealth. Cheers to the art of crafting exceptional spirits!

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