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Chicks Who Brew

We would like to introduce you all to the women of The Brew Shed. We actually outnumber the guys. I'm Jane, founder and co-owner of The Brew Shed and I work from our Inverell store as well as managing the website and social media. Between us we have approx 100 years brewing experience! 

Most people think of Brewing as a bloke's hobby, but more and more women are doing it all the time. I think that is in part due to the change in home brew shops in recent years.

When we started The Brew Shed, home brew shops were largely dingy smoke smelling enclaves, usually with a girlie calendar hanging on a wall somewhere. In other words, a place where women didn't feel comfortable. We are proud to say that we have created a place where women, men and families feel comfortable to shop, ask questions and learn new things. 

The women who work at The Brew Shed, Brisbane and Inverell.

Welcome to the world of "Chicks who brew" –  where women are crafting their own beer, spirits, wine, and delving into the art of DIY brewing and distilling right at home. 

Why Chicks are Rocking the Brew World

In recent years, there's been a shift in the brewing and distilling scene, with more and more women taking the reins. So, what's driving this trend? It's all about creativity, empowerment, and the joy of crafting something truly unique. Perhaps the pandemic helped too??!!! Many of us were at home, tired of jigsaw puzzles and looking for something crafty, creative, and fulfilling to create. So, yes, absolutely, the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated lockdowns played a significant role in fueling our desire to start brewing and distilling at home. 

Finding Joy in Isolation
During lockdowns, we were isolated at home, searching for meaningful and enjoyable activities to pass the time and so for women, brewing and distilling became a source of both creative expression and relaxation. It offered a way to turn a challenging situation into an opportunity for personal growth and skill development. PLUS The Brew Shed, like other alcohol outlets, were an essential service. So we continued to serve our local customers, and shop around Australia through our online store, throughout the pandemic. 

A Deeper Connection to Home
Being confined to home led to a newfound appreciation for our living spaces. Women, in particular, sought to create more inviting environments and what better way to do that than by brewing your own beer, distilling your spirits, or crafting your boutique homemade wines? It added a personal touch to the home, making it more than just a place to live but a space to explore and create.

Exploring New Hobbies
Lockdowns also provided the perfect backdrop for exploring new hobbies. With more time on their hands and a desire to learn something new, women turned to brewing and distilling as a way to expand their horizons. The DIY aspect allowed for a hands-on experience that was both fulfilling and educational.

The Satisfaction of Self-Sufficiency
The pandemic highlighted the importance of self-sufficiency and sustainability and we women, in particular, embraced the idea of producing our own beverages, reducing the need to rely on commercial suppliers. It offered a sense of control and security in uncertain times.

Community and Connection
While in-person gatherings were limited or at times, non-existent, online communities flourished during the pandemic and we found community and connection in Facebook groups with fellow brewers and distillers which further fueled our desire to try new creative pursuits. 

While we're way past the thick of the pandemic, the growth of home brewing, and in particular for women, hasn't wained. 

1. Home Brewing: The Ultimate Expression of Creativity
Homebrewing isn't just about making drinks; it's about crafting experiences. Women LOVE the joy of experimenting with different ingredients, flavours, and techniques. 

2. Breaking Stereotypes in the Spirits World
In a traditionally male-dominated industry, we've been shaking things up. From distilling whiskey to creating artisanal gin, we are proving that spirits know no gender boundaries. 

3. Wine Tasting and Pairing: An Art Form
Exploring wine isn't just about sipping; it's about understanding the complexities of flavours and pairing them perfectly. Chicks who brew are mastering this art.

4. Crafting Your Signature Brew
DIY brewing and distilling is the ultimate expression of personal taste.

5. Sharing the Love: Homebrew Communities
Being part of a community that shares your passion makes the brewing journey even more enjoyable. Connect with like-minded enthusiasts and learn together. When you pop in-store, our staff are a wealth of knowledge, and we love to hear how your brewing is going, and guide you on this journey. 

6. Mastering the Science of Brewing
Behind every great brew is a bit of science. Women are embracing the technical side of brewing, from understanding yeast strains to perfecting fermentation.

7. Artistry in Every Sip
Beyond the science, there's an art to brewing. Chicks who brew appreciate the aesthetics, from beautifully labeled bottles (do you create amazing labels for your creations?!) to well-crafted cocktails.

With our creativity, dedication, and love for the craft, women are reshaping industries that were once male-dominated. So if you want to be and are just starting your journey, or already are a seasoned pro CHICK WHO BREWS, remember to embrace the joy of experimentation, connect with the brewing community, and appreciate the perfect blend of science, art and FUN that goes into every sip. 

Raise your glass to the exciting world of brewing, distilling, and winemaking, Cheers! 🥂🍻

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