The short answer is so we don’t poison ourselves. If there is one thing you should not take shortcuts with it is filtering. Yes it takes a little while. Yes we just want to drink it as soon as we can. No we should never take shortcuts. Always follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter and ask your friendly Brew Shed staff for advice.


Can I re-use carbon
NO! NO! NO! Don’t believe everything your mates or the internet forums tell you. Once the carbon is clogged with chemicals it is no longer usable, no matter how much you wash it or cook it!

Can’t I just make some charcoal on the fire?
NO! NO! NO! Activated carbon is made especially to absorb the chemical from alcohol. 1 gram of activated carbon has a surface area of 500m squared. Yes you read it right. Massive surface area for filtering nasties.

I’ve been using the same carbon for ages now and all my mates say it tastes great.
Of course they do, you are giving them free grog, what else would they say. Come in store and do the comparison smell test with our sample. You WILL smell a difference.

I haven’t filtered and I’m ok.
A Really? Are you Really???