Oak is used to give an extra depth of flavour to Rums Whiskies and Bourbons

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Pure Distilling Barrel Chunk Whisk Sherry


Pure Distilling Barrel Chunks Whisky Port


Pure Distilling Bourbon Barrel Chunks


Oak Chips American Style 500g


Oak Barrel Soakers- Whiskey 100g – Willards


Soaker Jar 3L Silicone Seal


Soaker Jar 5L Silicone Seal


French Oak Carboy Spiral Medium Toast


American Oak Carboy Spiral Medium Toast


American Charred Oak Carboy Spiral


American Charred Oak Infusion Bottle Spiral


Oak Southerner Malt Whisky Style


Whiskey Flavouring Craft Kit


Essencia Bourbon Oak Chips 500gm


Demijohn 5l With Flip Top Lid


Edwards Essences Mature Oak


Top Shelf Mellow Oak


Willards GOLD STAR Mature Oak Essence


Willards GOLD STAR Rum Oak Essence


Oak Barrel Soaker – Rum – Willards 100g


Oak Barrel Soakers 100g – Bourbon – Willards


Oak Chips American Style 100g


Terry O’Brien’s American Toasted and Raw Oak Essence


Terry O’Brien’s QLD Rum Oak Essence