The Best camping solution for home brew beer

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When you go camping or to a BBQ there is nothing worse than carting/washing/disposing of bottles.

Here is the solution. The IceMate by Eva Cool drink dispenser. Packed with quality keg and fittings this complete solution is the every home brewers camping dream. IceMate eskies keep ice for days and are as tough as they come, built to last a lifetime.

The package includes

1 x IceMate Drink Dispenser Esky

1 x 9 litre stainless steel keg

1 x product push on disconnect

1 x gas push on disconnect

beer and gas tubing

1 x stainless steel beer gun

1 x portable keg charger with co2 cartridge

Additional information

Weight 13000 g
Dimensions 45 × 46 × 55 cm