Brandy, Cognac and VSOP

The Brew shed has a huge range of brandies, cognacs and VSOPs

what’s your favourite?

Apple , Apricot , Cherry , OrangeMatured, French, Emperor’s, VSOP or Cognac

No matter which you prefer The Brew Shed has all of your home brewing supplies

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Top Shelf Apple Brandy Flavour Essence


Top Shelf Napoleon Brandy Essence

Gold Medal V S Brandy-0

Gold Medal V S Brandy


Edwards Essences Brandy


Top Shelf Apricot Brandy


Top Shelf Cherry Brandy


Top Shelf Orange Brandy


Still Spirits Original Matured Brandy


Top Shelf French Brandy

Willards GOLD STAR Waterloo Brandy-0

Willards Gold Star Waterloo Brandy

Prestige Brandy Xo-0

Prestige Brandy Xo

Prestige Sliwovits-0

Prestige Sliwovits European Plum Schnapps Essence

Prestige Cognac-0

Prestige Cognac


Still Spirits Classic Vsop


Still Spirits Classic Brandy