Everything you need to make your own spirits at home. The Brew Shed stocks every brand and has the best range of spirit essences.

Check out the huge range of home brewing supplies that The Brew Shed has to offer. Can’t find the home brewing supplies or equipment you need? Send us a message and we will do our best to source it for you. We are real people at The Brew Shed who actually home brew. We understand what a supplies and advice a home brewer needs


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Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Yeast


Essencia Tennessee Bourbon


Top Shelf Cherry Bourbon


Cocktail Shaker – Stainless Steel

$14.90 $11.90

Vodka Pure – Still Spirits


Vodka Vanilla – Still Spirits


Vodka Raspberry – Still Spirits


Vodka Peach – Still Spirits


Vodka Lemon – Still Spirits


Terry O’Brien’s Grand Czsar Vodka


Coral Sea Rum


Turbo Production Pack 8kg – Still Spirits


Turbo Production Pack 6kg – Still Spirits


Turbo Sugar 2kg – Still Spirits


Copper Pot Condenser – Still Spirits


Alembic Copper Dome and Condenser – Still Spirits


Boiler 4.9L Still Spirits


Turbo 500 Boiler – Still Spirits


Beer Boiler 25L – Mangrove Jack’s


Top Shelf Single Malt Whiskey


Top Shelf Orange Truffle Irish Cream


Top Shelf Jamaican Gold Rum


Top Shelf Apple Brandy


Top Shelf Pastis