When you’re sick of washing bottles and your other half is screaming at you that your brewing is taking up too much room, the simple solution is KEGGING. Kegging your beer has some major advantages to bottling. First of all instead of washing and sterilising bottles all you need to wash and sterilise is your keg. It’s easily done with a cloth a brush, and non caustic agents. The second advantage is that once kegged you can easily store your beer outside of the fridge for lengthy periods. A stainless steel keg is not so unsightly as crates of dozens of bottles waiting to age. This brings us to the third advantage. There is no need to age your beer before you drink it. Kegging uses C02 to preserve and carbonate the beer, no need for secondary fermentation using sugar and therefore no aging. You can keg your beer then start drinking it in 12 hours. Of course it will taste better with a little age but the quality is pretty good from the start. In fact we hear from customers all the time that kegged has a far superior flavour to bottled beer.