The easiest way to get into making your own beer is to buy a home brew beer starter kit. Sometimes these are called microbreweries. The Brew Shed stocks 2 types of beer starter kits, Morgans Premium Starter Kit and Mangrove Jack’s ¬†Microbrewery. These are both excellent brands which produce excellent results. Buying a home brew beer starter kit is by far the cheapest and easiest way to get into brewing. It would cost much more to buy the equipment individually.

Starter kits include all the equipment and ingredients for your first batch including your first brew and first 30 bottles. Each brew will make approximately 23 litres. Mangrove Jack’s kit come with a blonde lager as the first brew. This brew is packaged in a pouch not a can. The pouch is cold sealed with nitrogen to retain more flavour. It is a sweeter blonde not a dry so if that’s what you are looking for then this one is for you. Morgans kits include a Morgans Premium Blue Mountain lager. This one is a can and a good all round beer to begin with.

If you wanted to brew cider or ginger beer instead the equipment would be exactly the same only the brew that is different. Mangrove Jack’s do a cider starter kit which is a very nice drop. All starter kits come with instructions and ofcourse The Brew Shed team are available to guide you through your brewing experience